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I Want to Burn You Up, Jumpsuit...

I Want to Burn You Up, Jumpsuit...

June 2017 was the Jumpsuit Jump-In at the Sew Alongs & Sewing Contests Facebook group. I was super excited to jump in and make one especially because it was on my 2017 Make Nine List. (Blog post here and video here)

But I only wore it twice.

One time for photos (and the video) and once out. I HATED IT.

So it hung in my closet for over a year. Waiting.

A part of me wanted to throw it away...but the other half always won out saying, "You love jumpsuits, you have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to them, it was the first time you made two test projects to get the fit right!" So, the jumpsuit stayed in the far corner of my closet.

I didn't hate the way it looked on me...well, I don't think I did. I hated the mistakes...the flaws. The (barely noticeable) uneven leg hems, the stitching I knew was there to hide the hole that I burned into the side seam and more that time has since erased from memory.

All I could see were those sewing mistakes and I KNEW everyone else could too.


I've been working on whittling down my closet to pieces I really love, actually wear or just can't part with. Unfitting handmade projects, thrifted vintage pieces, and worn once or twice items have been donated in hopes others will love them like I intended.

It was the dreaded jumpsuits turn to be judged. To be fully given a chance I needed to wear it again, see if the mistakes were still noticeable to my eye, see if I hated my body in it or see if the wear-ability was just wrong. (Honestly, I thought it would be going straight to the donate box.)

As I looked at it on my body...it wasn't bad...it was good. Sure, my tummy stuck out a little bit...but it does that in T-shirts. I'm not ashamed of my love for cookies! ;) The memories of grading up the hips, making two tests out of old pilling sheets and the fun I had creating the project completely blurred the "pain" of the mistakes.

Hey, so maybe it's not all bad to have "failed" projects hiding in our closets. Maybe after a year you'll realise it is awful and should be discarded. Or maybe (like me) you forget about the mistakes and end up really loving it!

This jumpsuit really is slow-fashion...because been a year in the making but now it is loved.


**Title is a play on the original jumpsuit post entitled "BURNING UP FOR YOU...JUMPSUIT??"**

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